@Romo said in Polycom VVX450 Parking BLF key:

Any of you guys with more polycom experience have been able to configure the parking lots from a (freepbx/vitalpbx) asterisk server In a single key BLF key?
Testing this
I have the key setup like this

But it doesn't appear to do anything when pressing it. I did find this document https://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP-SIP-Phones/FAQ-Setting-up-a-Call-Park-Feature-using-an-Asterisk-Server/td-p/73565 which it appears to show that it can only be done by transfering to the call parking extension and not directly to the slots but not sure if this still applies as the document is from 2015.

anyone have an idea?

From the phone point of view, parking a call is nothing more than a blind transfer to an extension.

So, you need to look if you can have a BLF do a blind transfer on press during a connected call.