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Seems like this guy has that whole us against them (IT vs Users) mentality. I can't stand that. We aren't enemies we are suppose to work together. Wonder if he could do the end users jobs with out looking dumb, probably not. Also there's a reset password an a force change password at next login box in AD Users & computers for a reason.

While it's definitely better to try to work together, your argument that we couldn't do their job without looking dumb is probably not true. Yeah we most likely would need some training in that specific situation/job/etc, but I'm pretty sure once we learned it we wouldn't be nearly as inept as so many users constantly are.

Except the last one about sharing your password (you should NEVER do this - if IT needs to log in as you for some reason - stay there and log in for them ever time they need it - Cover your backside by not giving IT what they really don't need), the rest of the points are all valid.