@Dashrender said in My Definitions....: @WrCombs said in My Definitions....: @Dashrender said in My Definitions....: @Donahue said in My Definitions....: QS in my thread was meant to be Intel's feature, Quick Sync. I generally only use acronyms in the context of that thread, or if they are used industry wide. If there is doubt, I tend to stay away and just spell it out. Exactly - I could see the use of QS in your thread becuase you mentioned Quick Sync in a previous post. But if William is talking about servers - and doens't spell out that he's talking about people each and every time, there are just going to be problems. Now - it's possible that context will make the need to spell this out unnecessary, but expecting people in an ebbing and flowing community like this to read this OP and just know what William is talking about, yeah.. I wouldn't expect it to work. That was a main reason for this post.. But, Can I ask Why you are using my full name? I go by Will since the 6th Grade.. Looks weird seeing my full name plastered all over LOL Makes me feel like I'm in trouble... LOL Sorry - cause we've never called you Will? and your handle wasn't on the screen and I couldn't remember you screen name LOL I guess you're right. You guys never have called me Will. Maybe on Facebook cause that's my name there. LOL i dont have to ask Jono.. I'm sure I already know what he's going to say.