@scottalanmiller said:

@Dashrender said:

What's your take on this java utility?

If I recall previous discussions, you're completely fine with server side Java things, it's client side that are horrible.

Considering this is an admin tool, is this good or bad that it requires Java?

Admin Tool = Client Side

So for me, I think it's a bit of crap there. As an admin tool I'd find it one step better than if it was for "generic" users. But in this role, it is still for an end user, just a power user (me.) And I think that any use of client side Java is rather bad. Not the end of the world, but not good. This isn't a new utility, so we can excuse the choice more than we could with a new one. But I'm certainly not planning to deploy it. There has to be better options.

I feel exactly the same way. Was mainly wondering if you did too - and well, you do ;)