@Pete-S said in Installing Snipe-IT on CentOS 7 and MariaDB:

<rant>NodeBB works like crap on all threads that are longer than a page or two. You can't just grab the scroll bar and find all posts. You have to release it and grab it again for the page to realize there are more posts to show. Also you can just use pgup/pgdn either. It will get a couple of posts then stop unless you work really slow. At least on Firefox.

And it's so many round trips to the server just to get a few posts. I which it would get at least a hundred posts or so in one go. Bandwidth needs are minimal. Posts on ML is mostly just a few lines of text. </rant>

I can't stand NodeBB on mobile. It's absolute shit in that aspect. On desktop it's great though. But I'd be on way more of it worked half decently on mobile.