7 Reasons Why I Work at Scale Computing

  • I came from a background in software that has spanned software testing, systems engineering, product marketing, and product management, and this year my career journey brought me to Scale Computing as the Product Marketing Manager. During the few months I have been with Scale, I’ve been amazed by the hard work and innovation embodied in this organization. Here are some of the reasons I joined Scale and why I love working here.

    1 – Our Founding Mission

    Our founders are former IT administrators who understand the challenges faced by IT departments with limited budgets and staff. They wanted to reinvent IT infrastructure to solve those challenges and get IT focused on applications. That’s why they helped coin the term “hyperconverged infrastructure”.

    2 – Focus on the Administrator

    Our product family, HC3, was always designed to address the needs of datacenters managed by as few as one administrator by combining features and efficiency achieved in enterprise solutions for any budget. HC3 scales from small to enterprise because its roots are planted in the needs of the individual administrator focused on keeping applications available.

    3 – Second to None Support

    I have a firm belief that good support is the cornerstone of successful IT solutions. Our world class support not only includes hardware replacement but 24/7/365 phone support from only qualified experts. We don’t offer any other level of support because we believe every customer, no matter their size or budget, deserves the same level of support.

    4 – 1500+ Customers, 5500+ Installs

    Starting in 2008 and bringing HC3 to market in 2012, we’ve sold to customers in nearly every industry from manufacturing, education, government, healthcare, finance, hotel/restaurant, and more. Customer success is our driving force. Our solution is driving that success.

    5 – Innovative Technology

    We designed the HC3 solution from the ground up. Starting with the strengths of open source KVM virtualization, we developed our own operating system called HyperCore which includes our own block access, direct attached storage system with SSD tiering for maximum storage efficiency. We believe that if it is worth doing then it is worth doing the right way.

    6 – Simplicity, Scalability, and Availability

    These core ideas keep us focused on reducing costs and management when it comes to deployment, software and firmware updates, capacity scaling, and minimizing planned and unplanned downtime. I believe in our goal to minimize the cost and management footprint of infrastructure to free up resources for application management and service delivery in IT.

    7 – Disaster Recovery, VDI, and Distributed Enterprise

    HC3 is more than just a simple infrastructure solution. It is an infrastructure platform that supports multiple use cases including disaster recovery sites, virtual desktop infrastructure, and remote office and branch office infrastructure. I love that the flexibility of HC3 allows it to be used in nearly every type of industry.

    Scale Computing is more than just an employer; it is a new passion for me. I hope you keep following my blog posts to learn more about the awesome things we are doing here at Scale and I hope we can help you bring your datacenter into the new hyperconvergence era.

    Originally posted on the Scale Blog: http://blog.scalecomputing.com/7-reasons-why-i-work-at-scale-computing/