Linux Practicum: Removing an LVM Configuration on CentOS 7

  • Following our practicum example to create an LVM volume with XFS on CentOS 7, we will now see how to remove it.

    First we need to edit /etc/fstab to remove the entry that we put there. This is generally easiest if done manually.


    # umount /var/log2
    # lvremove vg_logs/lv_logs
    Do you really want to remove active logical volume lv_logs? [y/n]: y
      Logical volume "lv_logs" successfully removed
    # vgremove vg_logs
      Volume group "vg_logs" successfully removed
    # pvremove /dev/vdb
      Labels on physical volume "/dev/vdb" successfully wiped
    # pvs
      PV         VG                    Fmt  Attr PSize  PFree 
      /dev/vda2  centos_lab-lnx-centos lvm2 a--  14.41g 40.00m

    Quick and easy.

    Part of a series on Linux Systems Administration by Scott Alan Miller