Doing IT at Home: A Series on SMB IT Journal

  • This article series has been running for about six months on SMB IT Journal but there isn't any definitive reference to all of the titles in the series and I thought that it would be useful to have one here. As new articles come out, I will update the main page here. The idea of this series is about IT professionals bring great business IT ideals and applying them at home partly to make this home environments awesome but much moreso to improve their skills, experience and resume. Few things are as impressive when in an interview than being able to not only say that you have experience on something but that you use it every day at home. One is set apart from the competition when one takes something so seriously as to do it at home.

    VoIP PBX
    Ticketing and Monitoring

  • There is a new article set to come out a week from Monday as well.

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