Apache Booster- Anyone interested in a trial?

  • Hi all,

    One of my friends relative is in to development and he had made a software called http://www.apachebooster.com/

    Its a cPanel plugin and claims to speed up website performance. his sales is less and asked my help to spread the word.

    Any one interested in a trial version, where you can play with cPanel trial+apachebooster and see if this can be used/recommended somewhere. I will also be testing it myself but thought of sharing it here at ML too.

  • You should get him to set up and account here and talk about the product. I'm sure that people would have questions. Getting involved with your users and their communities would be the best place to start. Having you post for him keeps his customers or potential ones "at arms length" which is not how you do good promotion.

  • Very valid point. Let me invite him here. Thanks @scottalanmiller