OpenBSD 5.5 Released


    Hot off the press. The latest OpenBSD system is out.

  • I'll be updating my laptop this weekend!

  • You have OpenBSD on a laptop? I've rarely even heard of it on a server!

  • Yes, it's a Lenovo x230. I ran Fedora on it for the longest time but started getting weird problems (system crashing/unstable, wakes itself from sleep, wifi randomly cuts out) and I wasn't sure if it was just Linux/Fedora being buggy or a hardware problem. I'm a longtime fan of BSD (last week I came across my FreeBSD 4.2 and OpenBSD 2.x/3.x CDs while cleaning the basement) so I loaded FreeBSD 10 but couldn't get it to properly resume from sleep mode. I ended up trying OpenBSD because most of their developers use Lenovo/Thinkpad laptops so they are very well supported, which I suspect is why sleep mode works flawlessly with it. Also the stability and wifi problems have gone away.

    My router/"NAS" (shared storage) box at home is running FreeBSD. I also run an OpenBSD system at work for a web server and NAT gateway.

  • Nice. What desktop do you use on OpenBSD?

  • XFCE. I like that it's highly customizable, lightweight, and doesn't look half bad (still not as fancy as KDE or Gnome 3 though). I also just started using this XFCE plugin called Whisker Menu which is an alternative launcher with search functionality, so I can do the traditional thing where you just press "Windows" key and start typing a search request.

  • Nice. Haven't played with OpenBSD in many a year.

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