No Applications Available In This Delivery Group, Citrix XenApp

  • Using Citrix XenApp 7.7, in Studio I go to Delivery Group -> Create an Application -> select my only delivery group which includes the machine I am working from.... and I get:

    "No Applications Were Found on Machines in this Delivery Group"

    I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. It's the local machine, so basic stuff like, say, Calculator should be there at the very least. Not sure where to look for an issue. I've even turned the firewall off (it's a test box) just to be sure that that is not part of the problem.

  • Ah ha, this is a bit silly. But you need to go into Programs and Features and fine the Citrix VDA client. Select "Change" and then fill in your controller information there. Not intuitive at all.

    Seems to be working. At least this step. The applications have populated.

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