Set alert in Windows if ping failed

  • I am doing some troubleshooting and wonder if there is a way to alert when a device went offline. Currently I am using CMD script where it will log when IP address is unreachable. But I want a way to alert me as well.

    What happens is our phone system stop responding 3 days in a roll. I am not sure if it is our switch, which also shown sign of issue with connectivity, or the phone system itself. By pinging the phone system I will know what time it went down which might come in handy.

    Anyway to make it alert when a device went offline or unreachable?

  • Sure, lots of ways of handling this. A script is one option, of course, and not that hard. You could make it ping once a minute and if the ping fails, send an email. That's not hard, especially in BASH.

    Commonly this is handled by systems like Zabbix, Zenoss, Nagios or Spiceworks. They all have that functionality. If you lack that internally it might be well worth looking at implementing something more broadly since you are already addressing the need for this one specific thing.

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