Publicis helping 90 promising digital projects and start-ups through funding

  • My company is part of a global group called Publicis which is one of the three global communication groups and would have close to 80,000 employees. In 2016, Publicis will celebrate its 90th anniversary and they have decided to help 90 promising digital projects and start-ups through funding. This initiative called Publicis90 is launched today. A dedicated online platform is open to receive projects and ideas from all over the world. Anybody based in a country where we operate has the opportunity to easily submit his or her project. So if you or anyone you know has a great idea, submit it on the below link.

  • Banned

    It's a great idea but why do web designers have to create an agonising user experience 🙂 - It's art over anything else sadly.

  • The website? I would like to hear your feedback about the user experience, could pass it to the team 🙂

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