Gentle Leader- Dog head collar

  • So i've been facing the usual problem as most dog owners have, leash pulling, when i bring lexi out, and if she sees babies, cats, she goes nuts, cant control her, won't listen and its a push pull exercise till we come back home. Sometimes makes me really mad, and i stop the walk very soon, past week lexi gets to walk less than 10 minutes.

    Today i got to attend an excellent training provided by the animal rescue team from where i got Lexi, and god it was fun, entertaining, super informative. The trainer is very knowledgable and experienced and her training session was really fun. During the session, when i told her about my issue, she suggested to get "Gentle Leader" which is basically a head collar, not a muzzle, which we put on the dogs nose. So any slight tension on the leash, the dogs nose goes back and so does the body! 🙂

    I got that and tried it there for some time. Later in the evening we went for a walk for an hour without a single pull, she was gentle, as she already learned that the more she tries she just goes back to the opposite direction.

    A good review of this online. I highly recommend this to any dog owners, it doesn't hurt the dog, and does allow the dog to still lick, chew, drink, play etc with this on it. I know its just first day, but i can see the difference and makes me super happy! 🙂
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    Pulling on the leash makes me cringe when I see it happen.

    Try reading a few guides/videos from this guy, he's milking his celebrity status but actually he does some really great stuff with dogs, you don't have to buy gadets or tools to control your dog 😉

  • @Breffni-Potter I never really liked ceaser's methods as he use physical methods to keep dogs in control. I like Zak george which really helped me to train lexi few tricks real quick but without being aggressive or through punishments.

    Another thing my trainer today suggested is to read which basically not only help to to train dogs, but to know more about their behaviour. I am going to check if this is available at any local stores, if not order from Amazon

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