Reset Chef Admin Password

  • This one was driving me crazy. Uninstalling and reinstalling and most guides on the Internet don't work because they assume an older application architecture and no longer work. I have Chef 11.0.12 (on RHEL 6 in my case.) Took a bit to figure out that the PostgreSQL database has to be altered. Here are some quick reset instructions:

    sudo -u opscode-pgsql /opt/chef-server/embedded/bin/psql opscode_chef
    update osc_users set hashed_password = '$2a$12$y31Wno2MKiGXS3FSgVg5UunKG48gJz0pRV//RMy1osDxVbrb0On4W' , salt ='$2a$12$y31Wno2MKiGXS3FSgVg5Uu' where username ='admin';

    Then you can log in with admin / password. Be sure to change your password immediately after logging back in.

    Here is the link where I found the instructions:

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