XFS: The New Standard for Linux

  • From what I have seen, the general popularity of EXT4 is waning and XFS is taking its place. This blows me away because XFS is so old (it was the default filesystem for Irix) but there is no doubt that XFS is an incredible filesystem. Ubuntu 14.04 appears to be retaining EXT4 as its default but RHEL 7, coming out this week, is moving to XFS as its default. OpenSuse is planning on moving to BtrFS as its default in the next release.

    It is looking like the EXT era is ending for Linux. Fewer and fewer times that it makes sense. XFS tackles the traditional filesystem space better than EXT4 does and BtrFS is taking Linux into the future by following the ZFS path in a more modern way. It is looking, to me, that XFS is going to be the industry stop gap until BtrFS is broadly considered ready to be the core filesystem.

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