VIDEO: Thousands of Java Applications are at Risk: IT Rewind Episode 58

  • Well hello!

    Every Friday, we release an episode of IT Rewind, a short video sharing the top 2-3 headlines in IT that week.
    Here's what we're serving up in today's installment...


    Thousands of Java applications are currently at risk, and you'll be surprised to hear what the profile of a fraudster looks like! To hear more, just click play!
    ...Oh and we know Ben looks kind of creepy in that screen grab, but hopefully that doesn't deter you from watching...

    Watch the episode here!

    Are these kinds of programs helpful for you? What other stories stuck out to you? Thanks! 🙂

  • Service Provider

    @MKM8DY said:

    Thousands of Java applications are currently at risk.....

    Of being thrown out by IT managers?

    😉 This could be a fun Friday morning game.