Growing from Adversity


    I wanted to share this book as I think that it is very relevant to a community like this one. I actually got to hear Dr. Rosenthal speak on this topic recently. In a community like this, although this one is new and very few tough discussions are going on yet, we tend to get a "trial by fire" going where people present new ideas or things that they are thinking and people question them, probe them and really dig to see if their ideas make sense. It's a tough vetting process but it is really critical to how a community like this delivers value. It is what makes us better, stronger, wiser. I've written about this a lot - often because people are often shocked when first coming to a professional community like this and find that their ideas are often "attacked" and heavily vetted and things that they believed to be true might get torn apart. It can be surprising and hard to take.

    But it is important to realize that this is done because we respect each other and value each other's growth - as well as the growth of the community as a whole. It is not done to hurt people or ruin someone's day. We all do it to each other. It is how we get better at what we do. It is a very important part of our careers and more than that... it can be good for personal growth too.

    I just wanted to share.

  • LISA "Do you know that the Japanese use the same word for crisis that they do for opportunity?"
    HOMER "Yes - crisitunity!"

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