The Hitchhikers Guide to OpenSuse Leap 42.1

  • The openSuse project has finally made the move to be aligned with the Suse SLE project, much more like Red Hat and Fedora have been or how Ubuntu works. So instead of openSuse doing one thing and Suse doing another, there is now openSuse Leap which tracks the Suse SLE releases for companies that want a lock step production release for free (without Suse corporate support options.) The new release is called openSuse Leap and to keep release numbers from being confusing it is releasing version 42.1 (Hitchikers will get the reference) to denote the lock step with SLE 12.1. Leap will release just ahead of SLE and is already out.

    openSuse Leap comes as the "production server" release matching Suse SLE and is new from the openSuse family. Their old product release methodology continues in openSuse Tumbleweed which is a rolling release with the latest software packages and constant updates. So Leap is like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Tumbleweed is kind of like Fedora, in a round about way. The openSuse world is a bit bigger now, this is a great new feature that could really revolutionize what it is like to work with the world of Suse Linux.