NIS Issue,Client node went out of Domain

  • Since I spoke many things regarding NIS and NFS,but today i faced the issue in the NIS client machine.
    I have given NIS domain name in the Master Server and the slave server ( client) was connected with the Master server.
    The slave server is rebooted once but the domain name is not provided in the slave server when i check with the command ypwhich.
    Error:ypbind cannot communicate with the master server

    I have checked the configuration fully but there is no mistake.When i ping the hostname it is pinging but the slave server is out of domain(

    I have reinstalled the NIS and checked not improvement.
    That server has Network Port Issue also.There are 2 NIC cards in that one of the NIC is not workin g.

  • Service Provider

    Use telnet to test the post to ensure that it is listening for yp requests.


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