Rouge Website How to have it taken down?

  • One of our old domains was let expire. We some idiot bought the domain, and had made a copy of our whole website, images and all, they claim to be us, list our Tax ID. have our legal documents etc that we have on our site. But they've also changed certain links on this site to go to spyware and some to buy viagra or Cialis. The domain is registered with and the hosting is with Mochahost. I've contacted Mochahost so far and they were of no help. I did a live chat with their abuse department and apprently they don't really take abuse reports.

    Anna: Please let me check this for you
    Me: ok
    Anna: Thank you
    Anna: Can you please provide us with your primary email?
    Anna: In the future please log into the LiveChat support using your Primary Email address, as that will contribute to faster resolution of the issue you are having. If you have more than one account with us do not forget to visit us using the email from the account having the issue. Thank you for the understanding.
    Me: Email
    Anna: Thank you
    Anna: Unfortunately, this is not the correct email

    What should our next steps be?

  • Might want to grab the attorney first before anything else.

  • I think that the starting point is a cease and desist letter. The registrar has to have a way to contact the customer. You probably need to send one to each of the customer (who owns the domain), the registrar and the hosting company.

  • I can handle this for you for a flat fee. I promise results within 30 days, or your money back.

  • Do you want the domain back, or just shutdown?

    If you just shut it down, I can't promise it will not happen again.

  • @anonymous said:

    I can handle this for you for a flat fee. I promise results within 30 days, or your money back.

    Lol. We have to do this the legal way. We are a large company and someone is always trying to sue us. Heck we have people try to send us product we never order then sue us when we don't pay their invoices.

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