Poweredge server issue

  • I have two Poweredge R905s that were recently moved across town. One of the units refused to power up following the move. It shows and orange light, the power button appears to flash some type of repeating code, fans don't turn on, etc. I contacted Dell, paid their $300 fee, and proceeded to diagnose the situation down to the point where the tech said it was either the power distribution board or the motherboard.

    I replaced the PDB, reassembled the unit to the point that I could power it up, and everything looked good. However, the unit exhibited the exact same symptoms after I finished reassembly and applied power. Upon removing the NIC daughter board, the unit powers up as expected.

    I ordered a new NIC daughter board. Upon installing it, the power issue returned. I then tried installing the new motherboard, but the symptoms were the same.

    At this point, I'm unsure how to proceed and I'm looking for suggestions. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

    Thanks, Dan

  • For $300 I would expect Dell to follow up and keep assisting until they had correctly identified the problem. We had a Proliant that died similarly a few weeks ago and HP did all of the diagnostics for free.

  • I wish... I've thought about giving them a follow up call to see if they have any other suggestions. Chances are they'll try to charge me another $300. 😦

  • I would follow up and say that you paid and the information was incorrect. If they give you a hassle shoot an email over to @IvanAtDell

  • Will do... Thanks!

  • Migrated the VMs off of this box so that I could work on it without affecting anyone else. Came in yesterday to work on it. Powered it down and installed the NIC daughter board without removing power to the system. Miraculously, it's now working as expected. 😕 👍