Two New Categories Available Today

  • We, at MangoLassi, have added two new categories by demand today. One is "Self Promotion" and it is exactly what it sounds like. Are you an IT Pro and want to toot your own horn? Go for it, tell us about your project, blog, posting, skills, etc. Are you a service provider, let us know about yourself. Are you a vendor? Post your news here, let us know what you offer, etc. This is a pretty no-holds barred group so what you shouldn't post elsewhere you can post here. We aren't making any real rules around it and will only address that if things become a problem. Give it a try.

    Secondly we have the "Reviews" group. A lot of people have been asking for a way to do reviews and while this is very ad hoc, it serves a purpose and rather than duplicating reviews capabilities that other sites have we figured we would do it in more of the conversation system. This way people can post a free form review on anything and it can spark a conversation which may, we hope, be more valuable. Allow people to really get to the meat of a review and maybe even solve problems or uncover issues. This also allows anything to be reviewed and keeps reviews specific.

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