File change auditing on Netapp

  • We have a netapp storage used with Windows 2008 server AD. I want to audit file access of all ad authenticated users and previously used ManageEngine AD Audit plus with netapp filer monitoring. Most times it didn't gave me the reports properly, and when I contact the support they told me that that feature is available only on new version. Upgraded as per their advise, and still didn't got the reports as needed. Basically we got some users who just moves folders to some other folders, I guess those are by MAC users but couldn't track the culprit. Our file permission is set in such a way that all needs read and write access to all the folders and so I couldn't restrict anyone from this.

    Now since the AD Audit plus is expired (1 year), I am looking at an alternative. The reports has to be sent to management for review, so I would like to have a good tool with nice reporting features. Any suggestions?

    I've seen Netwrix and Dell ChangeAuditor for NetApp (seems to be expensive)

  • How are you sharing the storage? Is this an SMB share or are you using the NetApp as a SAN?

  • I am currently using the Netapp with Windows DFS.

    Users access it using SMB. Every AD user has a DFS namespace and added the netapp shares to those users, and the \servername\sharename added to their AD profiles to map to all users.

    We do have slowness when accessed from a MAC through VPN which is a seperate issue which I am working on currently.

    But file auditing is bit more urgent now.

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