CloudatCost Lifetime Service Over

  • So today, after a massive, intentional (they had failover and chose not to use it, keeping customers down until one of their customers offered publicly a migration service to let people move off of the platform) outage of about thirty hours, the servers that have come back up have had their ability to image and to even power cycle have been removed (but sneakily, the power recycle button remains so that many people believe that power cycles still exist.)

    Basically the service doesn't even exist anymore. It's fallen completely below the usable state. Lifetime service meant two months with massive, intentional outages during that time. How can we use VMs that can't even be power cycled?

    Everything up until now could be explained by a massive failure of technical competence. Seriously, using VMware for a low cost cloud, storage backed by SAN instead of scale out storage causing the worst IO issues every seen, using inefficient R810 hardware, not thinking through Windows licensing problems (or they did and ignored them), pricing below the sustainable rate (a fully loaded R810 can't even pay for itself up front), etc. But this last outage wasn't a technical issue, it was a choice to not let customers be down until they learned a lesson or something and then they put in effort to break the servers once they came back up.

  • There may have been a small Rogers outage but from most reports I read it was resolved in about 1 hr. I think they wanted to do some stuff to change the service to they purposely kept it offline and didn't use failovers so they could do that. Hence why they kept extending the ETA. Also since they blame rogers there is no chance of them giving money back under their SLA.

    I have a claim open for both of my Big Dog1 and Dev1 package. But, they are waiting til May 11th for [email protected] to rebut it.

  • CloudAtCost has completely revoked their "free for life" products that people have already paid for in full and is now simply charging for them - even ones that customers already own. Customers are now being extorted to pay annually for something they were sold specifically so that they would not have to pay for in this way. The service is no longer a scam on the technical level, it is now a full scam on the billing and marketing level as well.

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