Laplink PC Mover Professional

  • Our Accounting Dept. is still running Windows XP because they use various different kinds of special software that no one else uses. I grabbed one of their PCs and did a migration using USMT. The profiles copied over fine, but all of their application settings were broken.

    I came across Laplink PC Mover Professional's website which boasted that it copied over programs as well as files and settings. I have so many projects going on and I really dont have time to screw around with every single Accounting PC for hours. I decided to try PC Mover Pro and wow I am impressed. I ran the tool and everything copied over including our proprietary programs, and Office 2010. I had to run a repair install on one program, but other than that everything worked flawlessly.

    This is a cheap way to migrate PCs quickly if you dont have the time to mess with them for hours. It was cheaper to buy 15 licenses than to spend 5 hours of my time. The rep gave them to me for $35 a license

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