Managing Scheduled Tasks

  • We're beginning to accumulate many a scheduled task around these parts. Some run as frequently as every 5 minutes, while others run a couple of times per day, once a week, etc. Most of these scheduled tasks run ASP scripts my boss wrote for our company intranet, which means the scheduled task opens a web page. And if I do not kill the browser on the server's process after the task is complete, it will not close the browser window once the page loads, and we will have a browser with tons of tabs open (especially with some running every 5 minutes). So if I am killing browser processes at the end of the script what often happens is one script may kill another script / prevent it from running fully.

    Could some of these tasks be re-written as SQL scripts / something that would not open a web page? Yes. Do we have the resources to do that right now? No.

    And then there's the issue of needing to have an account under which to run the scheduled task. That becomes quite a few passwords to change when the time comes.

    So, other than the Windows Task Scheduler, what else is out there and used for stuff like this? It would be really nice to get an alert if a task failed in any way. What do you use for task management?

  • @NetworkNerd What about a batch script scheduled to run once an hour at 1:02 and 2:02 as if it's running every five minutes I'm guessing it's 1:00, 1:05, 1:10, etc.
    One line batch script.

    tskill iexplorer

    I'm guessing you're using IE. Just a thought. Quick and dirty albeit not great.

  • We just use cron 😉

  • @scottalanmiller Okay Mr. FancyPants Linux 😛

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