Network Related Doubt

  • Hi All,
    I found a system(A) which is not connecting network.There is a Yellow Explanation was available in the system When LAN cable is connected.The IP is assigned automatically by DHCP and has Default Gateway also.So I pinged the IP address and Gateway.They are all pinging without any timed out.When I tried to ping the another system(B) IP with this PC the system pings with that system without any disruption.But the system(A) which was not connecting to the network.Then I tried to see the eventviewer but the event viewer was not able to run.Then I troubleshooted the network which was present in the system(A) it shows that the modem was to be restarted this also done but the network connection was not came to the system(A).I saw the device manager got the driver which was having exclamation mark (Microsoft Teredo Tunnel Interface).So after that I was given message from Windows 7 Professional that I need to start the remote controller service it is also tried to start and it gave an error as 1068 ID.Then after some times the network connected properly without any issue.Why this was happened in the network?Can any one suggest me any possible issue in that network?

  • @Lakshmana

    Does the Computer actually have a modem or are you referring to the NIC?

    Also was it connecting to internal resources find and just not the internet? It could be a content filter or an number of other issues. Limited connectivity that appears in the task tray is from NCSI which does an nslookup on, and then request the ncsi.txt file to confirm internet access. It can easily be wrong depending on the network setup.

  • What is the output of...

    ipconfig /a

  • You can ping by IP but have you pinged a hostname? Could it be a DNS issue?

  • The Yellow Exclamation mark on the network icon only indicates that the computer cannot communicate with Microsoft's contact server. There could be many explanations including DNS, gateways, routes, etc. If you can ping computer A with B and B with A, that should mean the ethernet connection is OK. If you can ping the gateway with both computers, your LAN is OK. If you can ping some host like outside your network, your computer is OK. The MS Teredo Tunnel Interface is a type of VPN connection and you don't normally need it. My computer does not even have that interface. If A and B can't communicate also check your IPSEC service. Try turning it off because it can prevent TCP/IP from working. Also, a good test is to go to a command line and type "netsh winsock reset" which will set TCP/IP parameters back to default and will aid your trouble-shooting.

  • @dengelhardt Thanks for your reply but I tried your suggession but it does not work.So the OS is reinstalled properly and reinstalled the drivers and created a new connection for a internet and now it is working

  • Well, that's one way to tackle it 🙂

  • @scottalanmiller I tacked and now there is no issue with that system

  • Glad to see that you got it fixed, at least.

  • @StrongBad Yes now the issue is resolved