Please stop Forking!

  • Seriously? Why does every Open source project need a fork? Especially when a lot of the projects have the same goals and would do better if they all contributed to the same project. Like LibreSSL forking OpenSSL after heartblead. Chrome's Blink Webkit fork etc.

    Seems like it just makes the projects more likely to fail by doing this.

    Practice safe coding and stop Forking!

    /End Rant

  • Heheh everyone knows spooning is better anyway


  • Forks used to only really happen when developers disappeared/got bored and moved on, or there was some sort of political reason to fork the project (Oracle buying Sun is a more recent example), but or the more rare "we edited the code base so much we've basically forked it by default," but you're right, now people fork on a whim instead of just branching the code and merging later. That's what version control is for!