So, working on a little Node.js project...anyone have any experiences to share?

  • I'm essentially putting together a poor-man chat service. Mostly for use in Spiceworks so techs can chat back and forth with each other...

    Now, I'm using some demos that I found online and I have to say, Node.js is pretty friggin' cool.

    The end goal is to have a pop-out window that appears when a person logs into the help desk. Technician's name would automatically connect to the chat (no passwords as of yet). Also, shouldn't t really make it a widget since it would live at the dashboard, but feasibly, you could use something like this on the user portal.

    It's extremely lightweight and requires no client - just a web browser.

    What do you guys think? Has anyone else here worked with Node.js?

  • I've used Node.js only enough to go "oh, that's cool." Obviously NodeBB runs on Node.js and powers MangoLassi, but we didn't write it.

  • Yeah - it does some otherwise complex things very quickly and with little coding - heck, the dynamic updating is very cool - but you know, maybe this is amazing to me because I'm just now getting into this kind of thing.

    Anyway, here's what I have so far - I have some additional stuff to do, but this is the gist:
    Chat link at the navbar will open up a popup window prepopulating the name field with your Spiceworks username. If the window is already open, the link will bring it back into focus.

    Things to work on:

    • visual notification of chat message if windows is blurred
    • log/persistence if browser is refereshed
    • keep only history of x amount of entries for better performance

    2014-12-09 15_54_36-Spiceworks - Dashboard - Opera.png

    And yes, I'm using Opera as a test browser (doing work in Firefox, authenticating as a different user in Opera) - but it actually has some nice dev tools built in.

  • Wowzers! That's an awesome idea!
    Looks pretty good so far.

    I have zero experience with node.js, I just wanted to leave some encouragement.

  • I'm concerned that something is missing from your Network Scan though. This is a cool feature, though!

  • This is so cool!

  • Whoa, those are some good deals!

    I paid around $40 for a jQuery book about a month back...

  • You should subscribe to their sale email. Two books minimum daily.

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