4 Hour Health Check Tech in Rochester, NY in Early December

  • Another one that was emailed to me this morning (I have zero connection to this, don't read into it.)

    The goal of this effort is to standardize, label, document all devices associated with the network in their stores.

    We have a detailed document that will provide the tasks required for the Health Check, POS, peripherals, network, and sales floor components of the Stores.

    Tools required for install:

    • Cat 5 patch cable
    • Philips screwdriver
    • Digital camera / Cell phone Camera
    • Cell phone
    • Cable Tester or another way to test the cable such as a laptop
    • Canned Air Wire ties
    • Cell phone charger

    Dates: From 12/02/14 to 12/05/14 you can chose from these dates

    Hours- 9:00am Start or 2:00pm Start or 4:00pm Start

    Pay: $18 an hour with a 4 hr minimum

    Locations: Rochester NY 14604

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