k8s VS slack

  • Hi all,

    I learned a lot from this community and appreciate being a member and I guess I'm ready to learn more this year.

    I will be quick. I wish to start a learning circle (ideally ~10) with similar minded people about the below topics:
    automation and container best practices, k8s (we can learn about others but k8s is the lead) and orchestration when do you use them, and best deployment practices and running it in a lab env, not as a managed service (so we actually learn).

    the key is being involved and pooling resources and sharing knowledge, sure I can learn alone, which I am doing right now but I found myself more motivated and active with others

    Looking for similar emotionally intelligent people, that love to learn as much as they love to share and grow. They should have solid Linux background but still venturing into container land. Where we learn together and in a fast pace way, we share code and learn in a best practice way, basically the same way the companies make us do it (try not to touch the prod servers manually and document shit).

    Interested, hit me with your email so I can add you to the slack group.

    Currently, it is me alone with an old co-worker, and once you enter you will be not a member but a  true participant of this, I'm planning we all work in shared VPS account and we just have fun with it. while I can use nodebb forum, Its not effective as being a team on slack. I don't have all the procedure 100% figured out, but I am sure we will manage and if you have ideas let's do it.

    The goal is running k8s best way possible and I would like if we can make it on multiple VPS providers or networks, also talk about best deployment practices as well as secure it, we will learn as we go. and I'm entering this without hiding any knowledge cause I learned this from the best (Scott) the more you share best practices and knowledge the better the world gets.

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    Also another reason i decided to do this, notice how much developers have support inside company... like they have 40 others DEVs, but its not the same with system admins and devops