Veeam B&R push Installs from Enterprise Console

  • I have googled until my fingers are blue, and opened a ticket with support but we have the basic support, so I am still waiting.
    B&R at two different Datacenters, and we have Enterprise Manager running from a different VM.
    I have updated Enterprise Manager to v10, so now I am trying to update the B&R Servers that run the jobs.
    When I mount the ISO on the B&R server it wont let me update the backup server as it is tied to the Enterprise Console.

    I have dug through the enterprise console and I am not seeing the option to update the Backup Servers I have listed.
    According to #6, it will let me update the backup servers after the Enterprise Manger is updated, but I did Ent Mgr weeks ago.
    Can not find any KB that says here is how you do the push install from Ent Mgr.

    What am I missing?

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