Installing OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS 8 LOMP Server

  • LOMP, or Linux + OpenLiteSpeed + MariaDB + PHP, is one of the newer web server stacks to be popular. LiteSpeed has been around since 2003, predating Nginx by a year, but OpenLiteSpeed the free open source part of LiteSpeed is quite new and hasn't gotten too popular yet even though it gets some amazing performance numbers.

    I started with a basic CentOS 8 install on Vultr, nothing added but updates run. We will use the OpenLiteSpeed repos to make everything easy and automatic. One thing that OpenLiteSpeed doesn't tell you, is that the EPEL is required for their repos to function as they have dependencies in them.

    dnf upgrade -y
    dnf install epel-release
    rpm -Uvh
    dnf install openlitespeed -y
    dnf install mariadb mariadb-server
    systecmtl start mariadb
    systemctl enable mariadb

    That's it, you are up and running. Now, presumably you'll have a firewall, so you will need to open the appropriate ports that you will want to use like 80 and 443 for normal web serving, 7080 for default OLS management (yes, it has a web GUI built in that is very easy to use), and 8088 for testing of the default web page to make sure that everything is working. I recommend locking down SSH (22) and 7080 so as not to be continuously attacked from the Internet.

  • If you install using the above method, it never tells you the random password assigned to your management interface. But no fear, there is a tool that sets that for you and is super, duper easy.

    cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc

    It is interactive. And voila.