DMARC aggregate reports?

  • I just enabled DMARC on a few domains after the advice in this thread.

    Very soon I got back what I think is an aggregated report from in the form of an zipped xml file.


    The DMARC record on that domain is v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]

    How does it work? Will I get reports from all kind of email servers that receives email from this domain?

    From what I've read I should change to p=quarantine as the next step and then to p=reject. At what point should I do that?

  • Yes, email providers will send you reports when they get emails from your domain.

    You do not necessarily have to ever go from quarantine to reject, some mail providers, like O365, treat them the same. But you would want to wait for reports to come in to see if there might be stuff that might be failing the the business would want to go through.

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