Issues Reinstalling (or Upgrading) Windows Zabbix Agent

  • Issue: Some times when you want to reinstall or upgrade WZA (Windows Zabiix Agent) on a Server with an old (or even same) version, it may happen that despite uninstall and delete the Zabbix Agent service (on windows services), and even restarting your Server, the installation process finish with "ended prematurely".


    Solution: Zabbix Agent windows service it´s blocking a installation process, so even if that service is deleted from regedit (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services), it´s important to use sc command to delete it on the right way, so open cmd with Administrator privileges and then type: sc delete "Zabbix Agent", once you press enter, it should appear [SC] DeleteSErvice SUCCESS


    Now you will able to install msi file or install files separately. Don´t forget to check windows firewall to confirm that Zabbix Agent is allowed.

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