Remote desktop question

  • I'm trying to download a program & add a printer to my remote desktop, however its asking for the credentials (goto administrator) the one knows the credentials or the administrator (one if many past employees) how to go around this ???

  • Wait... What?

    • You are trying to install a printer and an application on a remote machine?
    • You don't have any administrative privileges?
    • Is it a domain-joined or standalone machine?

    From what I understand, your problem boils down to missing permissions.

    How to regain admin access on a Windows machine
    This will only work if the Windows partition has not been encrypted with tools like BitLocker.

    Standalone: There are tools available to regain access, for example chntpw, part of SystemRescueCD. There are dozens of tutorials available, just google for it.

    Domain-joined: This sounds odd to me. There's not a single person with domain admin privileges? You could use the same approach as above and create a local administrator account on the machine in question, but you shouldn't. Instead, contact the person who has access. Please note: Creating a local admin on a client machine won't get you domain admin privileges.

    Please provide more precise information next time.

  • Do you have access to any remote management tools like TeamViewer, ScreenConnect, Salt, Ansible, etc.?