Trouble with setting up LDAPS auth on DC with Godaddy SSL

  • I'm trying to setup DC's to accept LDAP over SSL to prepare for the March windows update that will force secure SSL handshakes for active directory authentication. I got this working on other domains I've worked on with a wildcard SSL from GoDaddy. I just imported the wildcard cert in the DC personal store and I was good.

    On this particular domain this procedure didn't work. The only difference is the domain is instead of I'm testing connections using ldp.exe on port 636 with SSL checked and get failed to connect. I have verified port 636 is allowed in/out on the windows firewall. The ldp.exe tool works over port 389.

    Does a wildcard cert not work for a domain named to do SSL LDAP auth?

  • I solved this by rekeying the * wildcard SSL to *

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