MeshCentral - 2019 Review and New Features

  • MeshCentral - 2019 Review and New Features

    2019 has been a wonderful year for MeshCentral. The code base has gained many new features over the year, but what is even more impressive is the GitHub community around the project. Here is the MeshCentral 2019 Year in Review (PDF), it gives a nice overview of the community and interest around MeshCentral. There are a bunch more big features being worked on, but for now here are just some of the features that here added at the end of 2019.

    • Dutch translation. Peter van Vlijman is our latest community volunteer to contribute a language translation to MeshCentral. After Czech and Portuguese translations announced last time, Peter contributed the Dutch translation and continues to improve the Dutch version and keep up with updates. Thanks Peter for your hard work!
    • Device Group Summary. When clicking on a device group, there is now a new “Summary” tab that shows live graphs of the computers in this group. Just like the rest of the MeshCentral user interface that is fully real-time, the graphics on the summary page will change automatically as devices connect and disconnect.
    • Raspberry Pi Icon. One of the fun usages for MeshCentral is to remotely control and manage Raspberry Pi devices. It was only a matter of time before the community requested that the Raspberry Pi get it’s own logo on the MeshCentral web site. The MeshAgent supports remote files, terminal and desktop remoting for the Raspberry Pi, just like other devices.
    • Collapsing Groups. As MeshCentral is being used to manage an increasing number of devices, the user interface must adapt to deal with this. In the new version of the user interface, you can now collapse groups of devices, making it easy to go directly to the right device group your looking for. In addition to this, the search & filter box has also been improved.
    • Hiding the Footer. The MeshCentral user interacted is not only real-time, it’s also somewhat adaptable. The small diamond on the upper right of the user interface allows the user to switch how the user interface looks, go into night mode and now, hide the footer bar for added screen space.

    Thank you to Peter van Vlijman for the Dutch translation, Bryan Roe for MeshAgent updates and once again, thank you to the most excellent GitHub community that makes MeshCentral as great as it is over 2019. There are many more features coming in 2020. There is no chance of keeping up with the feature requests, but that is a great problem to have.

    From @Ylian

  • The new views really make a huge difference. Going to the top bar view, removing the bottom bar, adding dark mode. I have way more screen real estate and feel like I can get to what I need more quickly.