StarWind NVMe-oF: Unleash PCIe SSDs performance in Windows Server environments

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    While the whole world is going crazy about NVMe, the utilization efficiency of PCIe SSDs presented over a network in a Windows Server environment is far from satisfactory. The buck stops at traditional protocols like iSCSI and FC that limit NVMe drive I/O badly. These protocols were designed to talk to cold storage media disks, not flash. Tired of that? We introduced NVMe-oF support to StarWind VSAN to bring this tech to Windows Server environments. Is our protocol implementation successful? Yup. With StarWind NVMe-oF, we got 25M IOPS and microsecond-scale latency on 4x Intel Optane in our cluster… can you go beyond?

    Find out more about StarWind’s NVMe-oF implementation.