Post Parity and a New Era

  • I just happened to look at my post count on here, right at the exact moment that my post count on ML was exactly the same as my frozen post count on SW 🌶 .

    Screenshot from 2019-10-23 17-32-08.png

    About nine years of posting what seemed to be just non-stop on SW to get to that level. Just five years of what now feels like pretty casual posting on ML (shows how much being always on the site just becomes second nature) to match. So with this post, I officially have posted more on ML than I have on SW. In some ways it seems crazy that it took so long to happen, in others, it's amazing that with how busily I always posted there and what a big deal people made about it, that I've been posting almost twice as much here!

    Anyway, just an interesting "tipping point" in my personal online community history. Cheers.

  • @scottalanmiller

    To infinity and beyond SMT, you're our greatest mentor or the CIA (sorry i am taking alot of weed in CAnada, stop being every where).

  • That's nice lol, I have posted here 1/7 of the posts I have done in SW which is crazy lol. I really do casual posts here for sure.

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