Five New Windows Server 2019 Features Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

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    Perfection knows no limits and so does Windows Server. Microsoft is on a crusade of ever-perfecting it, and the new version has something to say, indeed. It seems like the company might be coming after virtualization vendors. Why? Well, some of the new features include storage migration, Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, and ReFS deduplication… Just saying…

    Read the article by Vladan Seget, an IT and Virtualization Consultant, to learn about the Top 5 New Features in Windows Server 2019.

  • WSL2 tells us a lot.

    First, Microsoft is really making it more known that WSL has no Linux and is just Ubuntu (or whatever) on the Windows kernel.

    Second, Microsoft is making it clearer that there was no virtualization going on in WSL.

    Third, now there is Hyper-V and a Linux kernel involved. So now it is just virtualizating a Linux instance on top of Windows.

    Fourth, now it is much faster. That means that Linux on Hyper-V is faster than Windows on bare metal!