ISP, Data and Technology Procurement Help and Assistance

  • Hello I.T. Folks!
    I am Steve McDonald, Telecom Design Architect for Global Fiber & Data Solutions Inc - a nationwide Telecom & Technology Consultancy who's job it is to assist you with brokering and obtaining pricing and rate structures for a wide variety of I.T. related things provided by technology companies like AT&T, Centurylink, Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, Rackspace, Level 3 and a million other private and public tech companies. Typical services we are asked to help with include such things as ISP internet circuits, WAN data circuits from and to somewhere, private lines, dark fiber, co-location, SIP Trunking, Voice and Internet failover solutions, Fixed Wireless, in-building wiring, Satellite and Wireless back up ISP connections, and all the various Cloud solutions such as Cloud PBX seats, Cloud hosted firewalls and everything you ever heard off that ends in "aaS" or "as a service" like UCaaS, SaaS and on and on and on.
    What I do for you costs you nothing; I spend countless hours each day chasing the right price points and right companies to bring to the table to suit whatever ordinary to extraordinary need you have told me you have. Each tech company pays me a recurring commission for anything you purchase after we have checked everyone who can do whatever it is you need done and you purchase from the one you like the best or has the best rates, etc; so I am HEAVILY incented to see you not only get exactly what you were looking for and at the right cost, but that you stay happy through contracting and implementation and then on from that for years to come, renewing with me and growing etc because I would lose that recurring commission if a client were to become unhappy or choose to leave at the end of the term for another solution.
    So, that said, I would like for any of you who have contracts expiring with ISP's or have technology needs related to any of the above to contact me and let me help you. 100% of my client base is made up of I.T. Directors and Managers like you who are all similarly a little stretched for time in each busy day to mess with tracking these things down, doing conference calls and design calls, taking quotes from whomever for whatever and trying to make the right pick.

    I can be reached anytime directly at [email protected] or text or call my cell at 256-486-1988. Thank you!

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