LXD/LXC Beginners Video Guide

  • Yes, it is very long . Yes, I had edibles today (i can only do it one day at the end of the weekend days and this project will be deleted so I want to make a video before it gets deleted).

    At the end my video recording system stopped, FYI the node got rebooted and the container started auto and drupal was working again.


    If you never heard of LXD/LXC watching this long video will give you 80-90% of what it is.


    At the moment the cluster tries to always keep 3 database nodes. If you have 4 nodes, you will have 3 database nodes. If you remove one database node out of those 4, the cluster will notice that there are only 2 database nodes left and promote the non-database node to be a database node.

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