Yet Another Breach (YAB): Dentist Offices Encrypted via their Backup Vendor :S

  • First arctical refers to the software vendors as MSPs. I wonder how often these hacks are attributed to MSPs but it isn't actually the MSP that is compromised because vendors like Ziff Davis aren't familiar with industry terms like MSP and get the basics wrong thinking that MSPs and software vendors are the same things.

  • Sounds like this is a case where beyond some disruption, having a split backup strategy would have made the difference. It's becoming more and more a standard strategy to have an online (to the cloud) backup done using one tool, but a local backup done using another so that there are ways to recover if a backup strategy is compromised.

    But it also shows that these weren't air gapped backups but were able to be compromised alone with the live data. How does someone like PerCSoft not have tape backup, virtual tape, or other WORM mechanism to protect all of that health data?

    That it was hit with ransomware also means that there was a HIPAA compromise that needs to be disclosed because a third party got access to every bit of customer data! All of those dentists are stuck contacting all of their customers to let them know that someone got access to the data.

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