StarWind Success Story: Simplify Technology ditches Single Point of Failure

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    Simplify Technology, a U.S. managed IT services provider (MSP), required a hyperconverged (HCI) solution for its client company. The client originally had an IT infrastructure built around a single SAN and multiple standalone hosts with a varying number of different hypervisors. In other words, their client had a classic Single Point of Failure (SPOF) known as the “Inverted Pyramid of Doom.” Such architecture was expensive to maintain and scale (remember – SAN!) only making things worse. Moreover, with isolated standalone hosts, there was no required fault tolerance (FT) at all. StarWind helped the company to deploy a StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) solution at an affordable price on top of an ultra-fast Enterprise SSD storage while avoiding single points of failure.

    Find out how Simplify Technology with the help of StarWind solved their initial problem with the SAN storage being a Single Point of Failure (SPOF, also know as “Inverted Pyramid of Doom”) and established high availability (HA) of its IT infrastructure even in extreme conditions.

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