What is ZRAID and Is It Related to ZFS

  • Simple answer? There is no such thing, it's a typo by people meaning to type RAIDZ.

    Why make a thread to say that? Because every time it comes up people search to see if this is, in fact, correct or if there is actually something out there called ZRAID and we just didn't realize it.

    There is XRAID, and that is a proprietary implementation of MD from Netgear ReadyNAS, but that's unrelated.

    RAIDZ, which consists of RAIDZ (RAID 5), RAIDZ2 (RAID 6), and RAIDZ3 (RAID 7), is ZFS' special implementation of standard parity RAID. RAIDZ is the brand name, RAID 5 is the RAID level.

    There is, actually, a product that might have been made called ZRAID but it was not from any major vendor and it seems to have just been mentioned once in a proposal paper long ago. It's definitely nothing "real" in the industry.