HCI Market Report 2018-2024: StarWind is among G7 key players in the HCI market

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    Everyone knows about the Group of Seven (G7) - countries with the largest IMF-described global economy. But, did you know that “G7” also exists in the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market? It was named by Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market Report 2018-2024 offering a comprehensive valuation of the marketplace. “G7” in the HCI market includes Nutanix, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, VMware, Pivot3, DellEMC, and… StarWind! StarWind is among HCI key players according to an independent valuation of Global Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market. Why?

    Read the report to find out about the latest trends in the HCI market and StarWind “G7” value proposition at the following link.

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