oVirt Behind nGinx Proxy Cannot Login After Install

  • If you install oVirt behind a reverse proxy like nGinx, you will likely run into errors that the system cannot connect to itself on port 443, which makes little sense as an error since you are likely already connected on that port.

    Connect to ovirt:443 [ovirt/x.x.x.x] failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)

    This is pretty simple, but very confusing. The issue is that oVirt needs to connect to itself locally. But the expectation is that you will not have a reverse proxy in front of it. So likely you have no DNS entry that mirrors the oVirt FQDN to itself.

    The solution: put an entry in the local /etc/hosts table that uses the local IP of the oVirt server with its public FQDN. Now oVirt can see itself and voila.