Finding your own questions

  • I was talking with @scottalanmiller and brought up something that had popped into my mind recently: wasn't there a version of Windows Server where the clock was hidden by default? I asked him:

    This is totally unrelated but it has been on my mind, there was a time when Windows Server shipped and by default the clock was hidden from the system tray, did that happen or I'm I misremembering something? I'm thinking .NET server beta or even pre-SP1 2003

    He couldn't recall that, so instead of just thinking about it I decided to google: windows server default clock hidden

    Hey, first result is exactly what I'm looking for!

    It's my own question asked 6 years ago on the very same topic. I'm not sure the selected answer is the right one, I am second guessing myself, how do I know that I wasn't a raving lunatic when I accepted that answer? I didn't quite remember ever asking it.

    This has happened to me before though at least twice, though I wasn't forgetful that I had asked it. I had some issues with Exchange and XML RPC, really strange edge case stuff that I had asked about on, but nobody ever answered. I figured out a hack around it, a really ugly one, and about a year later I saw the code again and I really wanted to solve the problem, only to run right into my question again, still with no answer.

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